Getting into the lifestyle is easy for single females but not as easy for single males. You will have hundreds of questions that deserve honest answers. The better informed you are about the lifestyle as a single, the more fun you will have in the lifestyle.

Question: How can I join your club? I am a single male and want to attend your club. I enjoy sex a lot and consider myself open-minded and a player.
Answer: We are primarily a couples club and do not permit single males to attend our couples events. You must find a partner that is open to the swinging lifestyle to join you at our couples events. However we will be organizing SINGLES events also, details of which will be posted on this website.

Humans are very complex beings. The Lifestyle encompasses many different levels of play and types of relationships from swinging to exhibitionism and many more. Polyamory is a love relationship that can cross into many levels of the Lifestyle. Polyamorists can be male, female, bi, straight, gay or swingers, exhibitionists, voyeurs, naturists etc.

Polyamory means "loving more than one". This love is primarily emotional, not sexual, but this love may be sexual, emotional, spiritual, or any combination thereof, according to the desires and agreements of the individuals or groups involved.

"Polyamorous" is also used as a descriptive term by people who are open to more than one emotional relationship even if they are not currently involved in more than one.

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Following the rules is an effective way to make yourself welcome within the swinging community. Please familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures of our club. The following are general guidelines that are common in most International clubs. Most etiquette in swinging is just common sense, but some rules and suggestions you may not have thought about.

The Cardinal Rule
The Cardinal Rule is "No" means "No". Please respect the rights an feelings and comfort level of others and their spouse or partner. You will be asked to leave any club if you violate this rule. A new partner will usually refuse your advances if you are too pushy. You must respect other peoples wishes when they say "no thank you". You will be expecting the same courtesy from others if you decide to say "no thank you".

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When first starting out in the lifestyle, you will hear this phrase many times from experienced couples. "Don't worry, it's normal to feel that way." So before you ask those questions to other couples, we have provided a number of topics that are very common and Normal to experience or see in the lifestyle.
We thought that this section might give you a heads up on all those things that are NORMAL to feel and actions and reactions that are NORMAL to do. Many couples will feel jealous when seeing their partner playing with a new partner and wondering if it is normal to feel that way. VERY NORMAL, especially your first time out.

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